Friday, July 30, 2004

Devil Ducky - A True Hollywood Story

Had lunch with the Curmudgeoness today, and lo, I have looked upon the Devil Ducky and survived to tell the tale.

Well, it was apparently Devil Ducky's even more evil younger cousin 'cause this one was sorta clear and had a keychain growing out of its little Ducky butt. Poor little guy's not going to float anytime soon with the ball and chain hanging off of him. I suspect mob involvement.

He had his evil eye on me the whole lunch - sat there glaring at me, like, "Go ahead - pick me up, I dare you. I'll squirt you, I will I will..." Grrrrr... Actually it might be possessed. He belongs back home with his little possessed brothers and sisters.

I'm very worried about Leslie. She's much, much less curmudgeony than she tries to make herself seem on her site. Actually she's quite friendly and fun - a "pay no attention to the (wo)man behind the curtain) kind of person. Well, I do hear she's a terror when she's had too many Apple Martini's, but hey, it was just lunch...

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