Monday, July 26, 2004

Blog Quote of the Day

From CWill's Pen
"In the booth to my right [at an art fair], there is always an Amish guy selling baskets. He always brings along two or three of his 57 identical-looking sons, and they sell baskets on Saturday and then drive the buggy 25 miles back home that night. They all dress alike, obviously, in plain blue clothes with straw hats, and they are all unusually short and slight. The father has a long beard and the sons have longish curly hair, and they all speak with accents from whatever language it is that Amish people speak amongst themselves. The incident: A family with several little boys was browsing in the Amish guy's booth, and one of the little boys, who couldn't have been more than five, couldn't stop staring. After several minutes of puzzling over these strange people, the little boy went up to the Amish man and said:

"Are you elves?"

The Amish man paused for a long serious moment, considering this. Then he said:

"Well, not yet."

And the little boy went away, awed. "

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