Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Out of my League

Sometimes I get the feeling I'm incredibly lucky to have the job that I have, because I'm so woefully undereducated, underexperienced and undertrained to actually do it the way it needs to be done.

My job consists of creating, managing, designing and promoting the website presence of an 8,000+ employee health system and all its associated hospitals, clinics, treatment centers, programs, etc. etc. etc. Plus Hatamaran and I run the corporate Intranet (and with her short hair she's now even twice as efficient because her head tends not to loll to one side as much).

Spend a lunch talking with someone in a similar position at another company and see how they do it. Words are bandied about like "teams" and "departments" and "authority" and "cooperation" and "research" and "presentations to Executive Management of my Strategic Plan" when my days are spent just keeping loose threads from unraveling.

Her eDevelopment world is so different from mine. It has organization, it has polish, it has experience, it's professional.

I feel sometime like mine's held together with an old roll of duct tape and a string from an old kite. I put it together from scratch 7 years ago, and while the company's grown we've never really embraced the Internet as a health information and patient/consumer information tool. Oh, we start this program and that initiative but they all die slow, painful, horrible deaths. And it's always the same, after every year. And I can't do a thing about it.

You know, the 20-year High School Reunion is a week from next Friday and Saturday. Sometimes you'd like to have more to show for 20 years of college education and work experience than an big fat illusion.

Ok, feeling all lousy and lack-of-professional-self-worth here. Rant over.

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