Sunday, August 31, 2003

"Future Archeological Find"

In Carl Reiner's new memoir, "An Anecdotal Life," the legendary producer/director relates a story about the time he visited a friend's home in France. His friend was a sculptor named Arman, who had many strange and unusual creations in and around his home. One such sculpture was:

"...A two-ton bronze sculpture of a vintage Citroen auto, so badly pitted that one must surmise it had been dredged up from the ocean's floor. Its title, "Future Archeological Find", suggests that it had been resting there for hundreds of years."
Here's my question: If, hundreds or thousands of years from now archeologists unearth the remains of M. Arman's home, will they deduce that "Future Archeological Find" is:

  1. A 20th/21st century automobile unearthed during their own time but brought back in time by Temporal Travelers, or

  2. Due to its advanced age over anything that should exist from this era, evidence that automobiles were in fact invented centuries earlier than the 20th century?

I wonder about these things.

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