Friday, August 15, 2003


Ok, it's my fault. I plugged in my cell phone to recharge, and looks like I brought down the entire Northeast Power Grid. Sorry! My bad! Won't happen again...

Actually, I'm reminded of the guy from Airplane!, who, when all the power goes out at the airport just as the plane's about to land, is discovered lurking by a control panel with the unplugged power cord in his hand: "Just kidding!"

The first thing that occured to me was that with all the people streaming out into the streets of Manhatten, they would be sitting ducks - exposed, out in the open, slightly confused, and vulnerable to a chemical or biological attack.

Second, as I watched them walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, I wondered how many were on the bridge at one time, if (plus the cars) it was more than normal. Another image of sitting ducks.

Similarly, I saw them boarding the Staten Island Ferry en masse, and remembered the ferry boat warnings from earlier this month.

Finally, would it be easier for someone to smuggle something into the city or the country under cover of nonpowered darkness?

I hate how paranoid I've become, and I hate how unsafe I feel.

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