Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Lost Blog

Tonight is the Fifth Season premiere of Lost. I've been invited to write about the show at I Love blog - take a look before and after the airing for my thoughts about the premiere, the past, the future, and wherever else in the world we may become unstuck in time.

The Lost Boy blog:
I'll throw out one speculation that I've held for a long time, and that is I think we will find out that some of the major players on the show (adversaries, mainly) were crew of the ill-fated Black Rock slave ship that somehow ended up beached in the middle of the island. I think it's obvious that somewhere in the past, the island "moved" (via Frozen Donkey Wheel) and appeared right underneath the Black Rock. Members of the crew and possibly cargo/passengers were either rejuvenated or ressurected by the island's healing properties and live on to this day.

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