Monday, May 12, 2008

"LOST" in Thoughts: The Big Questions

Here's my preliminary list of the big, overarching questions on "Lost" that I would imagine will never be answered to everyone's satisfaction:

  • Why are so many of the Losties lives interconnected? (Sawyer's con man is Locke's dad. Ana Lucia was Jack's dad's bodyguard. Libby was at the same mental hospital as Hurley. Desmond saw Charlie playing guitar in the street. Kate's dad was Sayid's military handler. Boone's father was unable to be saved because Jack was saving his future wife. And so on.)
  • Why were all these particular people on the same plane at the same time? And why did some survive the crash, and some not?
  • Why do "The Numbers" (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) appear interwoven through everything, from the hatch code to Hurley's lottery, all the way to the flight number of the plane (Oceanic 815)?
  • Why was Charlie's band so inexplicably popular? (Ok, I'm reaching on that one)
  • What's the significance of the 4-toed statue? I think this is actually a huge red herring the producers dropped in there that will end up meaning absolutely nothing to the overall plot. Just an extra added element of mystery to the island that was never meant to be explained.
Any others you can think of? Remember, these are mysteries that, when the last credit has rolled on the series finale, we'll still be wondering about..

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