Saturday, March 15, 2008

LOST in Thoughts

My thoughts on "Ji Yeon"...

  • I was completely faked out on the flashback/flashforward. In fact, I didn't realize it was a dual flash until I came onto some messageboards after the episode. In my brain, I'd worked out the elaborate pretense that somehow Jin had arrived back in the world separate from Sun, and had to mask his identity. He had moved to China (hence visiting the Chinese ambassador, disregarding the fact you don't visit the Chinese ambassador in China, you visit them in whatever country they're ambassador to, like, oh, South Korea?), taken another wife for two months, and had taken pains to drop out of site of the rest of the world - even from Sun. And that Sun actually thought he was dead. Somehow as part of the Oceanic 6 deal, he had to disappear (something like Sayid). Of course, presenting yourself as a representative of Paik Automotive should've been the tipoff but it didn't occur to me till later after reading the boards.

  • So is Jin dead? I believe that Sun thinks so. That was no "you're not here, you're still on the island, but I'm going to pretend your dead to play along with the cover story" performance at his gravesite. In her mind (and possibly Hurley's, though that's not certain) Jin is dead. But is he really dead? Either he dies at some point between now and when the O6 are taken off the island, or Sun thinks he dies but he's still alive and being held with the rest of the O816 survivors. I hope it's the latter, because no man should totally miss his first child...

    This of course means that if Sun is, what, 9-10 weeks pregnant now (and in 3 weeks will be going through the 2nd trimester), and it appears the baby was born slightly premature due to labor starting painfully and all of a sudden in her hotel suite, she was born probably somewhere around the 36-40th week. And of course Sun doesn't die of SIDS (Sudden Island Death Syndrome), so she must leave the island in the next few weeks, make it back to civilization and become part of the Oceanic 6 within the next 20 weeks of show time. That means the flashforwards start as early as, say, March or April 2005.

  • The dates on Jin's headstone state he was born in November 1974 and died on 9/22/2004 (the date of the plane crash) so obviously the cover story is he died on the plane crash. Obviously nobody tested Sun back in civilization to discover she got pregnant after the crash, or it didn't matter to anyone. Is there a body in the grave? Is it the body of the fake crash victim that was at the bottom of the ocean? Is it Jin's real dead body they bring back from Lostopia Island? Is it empty? Who knows. Another question - there's another date on the opposite side of the headstone, that just says a date in 1980. I assume that's Sun's birthdate, and they bought the dual plot long ago for both of them to make final use of eventually?

  • I was actually shocked that nobody tried to take the baby. Combine the sudden labor, the substitute physician, the overly helpful and friendly nurse, the mysterious passerby in the hallway the Sun thought was Jin....I assumed as a matter of course that Widmore/Oceanic/Dharma/Ben/Paik/Hanso/whoever was orchestrating to take the baby soon after birth. When Hurley turned up at the apartment later and the baby was right there, I was actually surprised. Way to telegraph an obvious plot development and actually not go the easy route, Lost!

  • I am surprised that the cabal mentioned above wouldn't have interest in Sun's baby. It was conceived on the island and the mom survived to give birth.

  • Although, Juliet, who has been known to tell a fib here and then, maybe lied about the conception date, or was mistaken. Maybe it isn't really Jin, and could still be her lover's? Nahh, that's a stretch.

  • Two episodes this season end with women holding babies...

  • Where did Frank fly off to with the helicopter???

  • Man, Daniel Faraday, you are a terrible liar. At least pretend you're more than not a geeky spazoid... "That'" I love how Sun is direct in her questions.

  • Does Desmond know Michael? I can't remember if their paths ever crossed...

  • Where's Walt? Is he onboard the ship? Guess we'll find out next week.

  • I would bet Walt's the last of the Oceanic 6. His identity as such will be revealed next week. Michael will likely not survive the season, and will die to protect his son. The Oceanic 6 would thus be Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Sun and Walt. Aaron and Ji Yeon don't count, because they were born after the crash. Ben doesn't count because he's not likely in the open, nor was he on the plane (as well as Desmond and Juliet).

    UPDATE: (Saturday, March 15)

  • I liked seeing Bernard, and wish the show would use he and Rose more as mentors to the younger cast members. The show really needs some age and wisdom - everyone's so young!! I was surprised they made Jin to be 30, when in real life Daniel Dae Kim is about 39. Usually when age of a character comes up later and isn't integral to the plot, they make the character close to the age of the actor. In this case they deliberately made Jin 7 years younger than the actor (allowing for the 2004 time period of the show). I wonder why? Similarly, Yunjin Kim who play Sun was born in 1973 which would make her 7 years older than Sun.

  • I really wanted to see a parrot on the shoulder of one of the swabbies on deck of the freighter ;)

  • Hurley, dude, how many polyesters died in the line of duty to make that suit for you?

  • Kinda makes that web-episode with Jin on the golf course take extra meaning...

  • People are all up in arms over Zoe Bell's brief appearance as Regina. She's guarding the cabin, reading a book upside down. Then she's taking a dive covered in chains. I checked her IMDB page - who is she? She doesn't seem to have done that much except as a stunt person. Why is she so supposedly well-known?

  • Do we trust the captain or not? He seems trustworthy, but we know the people who hired him aren't (Widmore, Abbadon) and at least some people on the boat we knew weren't trustworthy (Naomi). Why should the captain be one of the good guys? Sure he laid some cards on the table we can probably assume are true, but if they have no intention of rescuing Satid, Desmond and the others, why should he care if they know? After it, it helps earn their trust.

  • Whose blood was all over the wall? Ick. Someone sure cut themselves shaving. Nice CGI cockroaches ;)

That's all I have for now...

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