Saturday, November 10, 2007

Is A Puzzlement....

Ok, here's a word puzzle for all you math whizzes out there... This is an actual word problem that's on the Kid's Menu "Fun" sheet at Calhoun's restaurant in Knoxville. Our whole family - myself, Laura, Brainyboy and Tink - could not figure out the answer. At least, we apparently couldn't figure out the answer correctly. The answer we came up with is different than the answer they provided. Try it yourself and see what you come up with:

At the beginning of each hour a train leaves Memphis for Chattanooga, and at the beginning of each hour a train leaves Chattanooga for Memphis. If it takes 7 hours for each train to complete its journey, how many trains will an eastbound train meet on its way to Chattanooga?
So, what's the answer? I know the answer they give, and what my answer is, but I want to know what you get. I'll post their answer and mine in a couple of days...

Show Your Work!

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