Thursday, February 05, 2004


This is the best idea I've seen come around in a long time....

Pizza Party U.S.A.

"Every four years at the end of February, we’ve got that extra day. Is it special? Well maybe it should be. Julius Caesar may have invented Leap Day, but writer Matthew Baldwin invented Pizza Party U.S.A., and he has a petition for you to sign.

Let’s begin by stating the obvious: Leap Day should be a holiday. I mean, come on: That pretty much goes without saying. It’s not even a real day. It’s like some kind of extra-dimensional day from the Phantom Zone that only phases into Earth Prime every four years. It’s a 100 percent free 24 hours, and employers should have no claim to it. Getting stuck working on Feb. 29 is like finding five bucks on a playground and having it immediately expropriated by a passing bully."
This is like, the greatest idea ever! A holiday celebrating the most useless yet totally bonus day of the quadrennium by indulging in the most quintessentialy non-essential American food ever. What could be more patriotic!

Well, you too can participate by signing the petition. Let's show Whoever Those Guys In Charge of These Things Are that we mean business!

At this moment that I signed the petition (1:57pm EST 02/05/04) there are 750 names. I will personally take credit for all the rest, due to this blog entry.

Pepperoni to the People!! Mushrooms for the Masses!!! Onions to the Unwashed and Anchovies to the Anguished...

No, wait, hold the anchovies.

(Hat Tip: Sugarfused)

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