Wednesday, July 25, 2007

One of the Many

Reason #1,402 of the many, many reasons I love my wife:

  • Last night we watched Premonition on DVD. If you haven't seen the movie I won't reveal any plot details but I think most everyone who's heard of it knows that Sandra Bullock lives the days of one week in jumbled-up order, and tries to prevent her husband from being killed somewhere in the middle.

    The movie was very good, despite some plot holes and continuity errors that are inevitable for time travel-type stories. Nonetheless we watched the entire thing, bouncing ideas back and forth what was going on. We'd pause the movie, rewind, discuss, watch it again, discuss some more, theorize and make fearless predictions on the outcome. After the movie was over we watched a Special Feature on the DVD that laid out the entire week, in order. While that played, we continued to discuss the possibilities of time travel and disrupting/altering time streams.

    You know, the typical stuff couples talk about.

    Anyway, Laura has a keen mind and wonderful sense of story. It's a joy experiencing stories and movies like that with her. I remember a similar time when we first saw The Sixth Sense, although all that discussion happened after the movie was over since we saw it, completely unspoiled, in the theatre.

    She's way cool ;)

    PS - What other movies like these do you recommend, where discussion about plots and mysteries and what-the-heck's-happening do you recommend?
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