Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Four Days Till Blogathon 2007

Don't forget this weekend from 9am Saturday - 9am Sunday is Blogathon 2007.

Cathy, Doug, Rich and I will be temporarily moving our blogging duties to here, and each taking a 6-hour shift. I will be live and in person from 9pm Saturday evening to 3am Sunday morning. Family plans will prevent me from joining folks at Bailey's at 6 that evening but I will try to stop by and blog live after 9 or so.

We're sponsoring STAR (Shangri-La Therapeutic Academy of Riding), a program that uses horses for therapeutic purposes.

I still need ideas for interesting things to do or blog about during my shift. Rich will be writing a story live, the vidcam will be turned on at D&C's... I need ideas, folks! Send 'em in! I'll be up till 3am and things are likely to turn a bit weird...

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