Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blogathon 2007

Once again this year, I'll be joining Doug and Cathy for Blogathon 2007.

This year our selected charity will be STAR (Shangri-La Therapeutic Academy of Riding), a program that uses horses for therapeutic purposes.

Here's a little bit of what they do:
We offer therapeutic riding designed to meet the specific needs of each participant. The prescribed program may include grooming, saddling, and learning riding skills or may be passive in nature. With some riders we position them so the movement of the horse can relax tight muscles, increase range of motion, improve trunk stability, and balance. These individuals are not learning riding skills but they are reaping great benefits from being on the horse.
If you would like to support STAR and sponsor us in our blogging marathon, please visit the sponsorship page at the official Blogathon 2007 site.

We will be blogging from one central site, and all four of us will be found posting there throughout the entire 24-hour period about this, that, and whatever comes into our minds. I had the 9pm-3am shift last year, and let me tell you things get a little weird after midnight...

Cathy has promised to turn on their video cam (a frightening prospect) if we get at least three sponsors. I think somewhere I threatened to blog from the tub at some point, although those rumors are as of yet unsubstantiated. I may even try to draw in a guest blogger or two from around the house, if I can pry them away from the TV for a few minutes.

Please pledge your support, and even if you can't give anything at this time be sure and drop by the site and say hi - comments will be welcome, appreciated, and desperately needed, especially around that 1:30-2:00 time...

Hold on, there's a question...yes, you in the back?

"You said four people - so far you just mentioned yourself, Doug and Cathy. Who's the fourth?"

Ah, now that would be telling. Check back soon for the Mystery Blogger's identity...

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