Wednesday, January 18, 2006


It's interesting how some days I can have a ton of stuff to talk about, and other days I have nothing.

Or rather maybe it's that I have so much on my mind none of it has coalesced into a coherant form.

I think that way sometimes. Random ideas and thoughts will flit through my mind during the day, exciting me, angering me, frustrating me, making me think. But they don't stay, or at least not for long. They often come back to wreak havoc on me again and again but in no discernable order or pattern. They do seem to have effects on my mood, and yesterday's unrelenting all-day rain didn't help.

Here's a question. What's a fitting punishment for parents who medicate their kids when they can't seem to find the intestinal fortitude to control them? Slow injection with lighter fluid, or maybe spend an day in a room with the ghost of Eric Harris. Or maybe the parents of Cassie Rene Bernall.

Here's another question. How many times does one have to repeat a request before your coworkers remember it? Should it take 8 years? If a tree falls in the woods near a Marketing Department, does anyone hear it?

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