Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What is a Sin?

As an exercise and sort of a poll, can you list those things you believe are sins?

Feel free to defend if you like, but mainly I'm just interested in seeing a list...

UPDATE: The list thus far:

1) Pride.
2) Envy. (10th Commandment)
3) Gluttony.
4) Lust (7th Commandment)
5) Wrath.
6) Greed (10th Commandment)
7) Sloth.
8) Vandalism (8th Commandment)
9) Theft (8th Commandment)
10) Deceit (9th Commandment)
11) Betrayal
12) Infidelity (7th Commandment)
13) Disregarding others' feelings
14) Killing (6th Commandment)

I've added where I think the Commandments have addressed these, if you think a commandment addresses one I haven't specified, let me know.

I'm also looking for sins that aren't directly tied to a commandment... Keep going, this is great...

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