Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pick One...

From April's: Here's the deal - pick what you'd keep if you had to give one up, pick both, or neither (something like that).

Chickens or Cows - Cows...I like steak 10x better than I like chicken. And chickens look and act funny
Doritos or cheetos or other - Wow. What a choice. I think I'd ultimately have to say Doritos, though I don't eat them as much as Cheetos because they're more expensive.
Kid’s cereal or adult cereal - I don't eat cereal much, but the kids do so I'll say kids. Oh, get rid of them both and bring me a big plate of bacon and hash browns...
Republican, Democrat, third party, apolitical - Independent, the only way to be.
Leno or Letterman - You know...if you go out in the back yard late at night, and listen v-e-e-e-r-y can almost hear the people crying: "Dave.....Dave.....D-a-a-a-a-v-e......."
Camping or Hotel - Hotel.
Bus or train - I don't think I've ever ridden a train outside of an amusement park, but it looks fun so I'll say that.
Jerky or gum - Neither.
Dogs or cats - Hm. I like both types of my domesticated friends but I'll say cats
Autumn, Winter, Spring, or Summer - Right now, spring. Ask me in a month and I'll say fall.
Oceans or Mountains - Both. Can't have either, nope nope nope...
Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny - While I can do a great Mickey voice, and my daughter loves him and the whole gang, they really don't have anything on a good "Ain't I a stinker?"
Golf or tennis - *snore*..."wuzzit..what?"
Chimpanzees or Dolphins - Dolphins. Well, I used to like the Dolphins a lot but now I like the Titans and the Colts.
Sailing or gliding - Gliding on what, a rocker? I've never actually been "sailing" although I did ride a catamaran once. And I did sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night...
Squirrels or bunnies - Don't talk to me about squirrels.
Butterflies or flowers - Butterflies kind of creep me out sometimes. It's not that there's anything ugly or wrong about them - they're lovely. Just the way they randomly flap around, and sometimes get in your face...*shudder*. I'll take a nice field of flowers over a field of butterflies, cause if I was hiking and came upon a field full of butterflies I'd start wishing I'd packed the Napalm.
Cheesecake or strawberry pie - Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....cheesecake.
Ice tea or soda - Ice tea, baby. I once picked Coca-Cola as my favorite food, but those days are long gone...
Thumbs or big toes - Thumbs, although I suppose if I had no big toes I couldn't walk. But with no thumbs I couldn't pick things up, and I can always crawl...
Sunsets or Sunrises - They still have sunrises? I never see them. I love a gorgeous ocean sunset...
Volley ball or frisbee - Volleyball. I had the chance to play mud volleyball against a team from Hooters once. Once.
Hip hop or country - Country. Hip hop's not music, it's....chaos theory with good P.R.
Books or music (ouch!) - Argh. Not choosing.
West Coast or East Coast - East Coast, cause that's where all the culture is. But hey! The West Coast has...well, let's see. It, well it had that thing, and that thing - oh! and that other thing. Plus it almost had the USS Iowa but San Francisco got cheeky...
Tiger Woods or Phil Mickleson (sp?) - Eh. I still pick Chi Chi Rodriguez.
Ponies or ice creme - huh? What do these...why are they in the same...oh skip it. keep the ponies, who needs the grief?
TV Remote control or TV volume - Remote Control...because then I can turn up the volume. Silly quiz.
Radio or TV - TV. They still broadcast radio?
Beatle music or Rolling Stone music - Beatles!
Epicureans or Stoics - I pick the Epicureans by 3 with a long field goal by Plotinus in overtime. And Epicurean quarterback Plato will throw 3 TD's to Wide Receiver Aristotle.
McDonalds or Taco Bells - I actually like Taco Bell a little better these days...well, these days being a misnomer since I haven't actually eaten at a Taco Bell in about 3-4 years. But that just shows how I've grown to dislike McDonalds lately.
For TN people> Krystal or Back Yard Burgers - BYB. Because they's owned by my good buddy David. :)

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