Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Here Comes the Sun....I Wish.

Is there a website that goes into more depth (from a layman's perspective, not geekspeak) on how much power can be generated from solar energy in mass quantities, and in general at what price? I'd just like to see some hard numbers. How many kw/h can be produced with solar, compared to fossil fuels, and how does the price compare in building and maintaining these new power plants?

I mean, sure, we don't want thousands and thousands of sq. miles of solar panels - but could there be a compromise balance created, at least temporarily until technology and economy catch up? So that while we may still be depending on oil we're not depending on it nearly as much?

70%? 60%?

What if solar (and other non-fossil fuels like nuclear, wind, hydroelectric, etc) were pooled together to power stationary objects like cities and leave oil-based to power vehicles? What would that save? Would that be doable? I just want to see some #'s...

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