Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Question.

  1. You've been sentenced to musical life in prison. For the rest of your life you can only hear one college fight song, and it can't me anything relating to Tennessee. (Lane)

    Which fight song would drive you to self destruction the fastest?

    University of Notre Dame Fighting IrishRepeated listenings to the Notre Dame Victory March have been known to cause episodes of violent spontaneous combustion in laboratory rats, USC Trojan fans, and old Ukranian women named "Yulga".

    Which fight song would lead you to the most violent end?

    University of Georgia BulldogsThe obvious choice would be the Florida Gators or Alabama Tide, but no - the Fight Song that, if played over and over forever would grate on my nerves and cause me to do unspeakable things to innocent little bulldogs would be the University of Georgia's Glory, Glory. Now, I like "Battle Hymn of the Republic" as much as the next guy, but the way this vile little version is played...well, imagine the syllable "nyah" on every note and you'll see how it could cause any decent, God-fearing Tennessee fan to want to find former Bulldog QB David Greene and slap him around a few times...

    Is there any fight song that would allow you to live more than 48 hours?

    Florida State University SeminolesI could handle listening to Florida State's Tomahawk Chop War Chant, because it's also the Atlanta Braves Tomahawk Chop War Chant. And I luvs the Bravo's ;)

    This is actually a very good recording...take a listen.

Ok, enough of this silliness. Here are the REAL songs:

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