Thursday, July 28, 2005

Get Out And VOTE....for the GRIZZLIES????

Received via email today:
We need some help here. If any of you watch Sportscenter you know that they are doing a "50 States in 50 Days Tour" of the United States. On their website you can vote for best venues and moments in Tennessee history. You go to and vote for you favorite venues, players, etc..


Apparently the only people voting are from Memphis b/c as of right now, the most memorable moment is a Univ. of Memphis basketball game and best place to watch an event is the Liberty Bowl, with Neyland coming in second. Please for the sake of all that is right, fill out the survey it takes two minutes. The Liberty Bowl for goodness sakes! Oh, also the Memphis Grizzlies are leading for favorite in state team. Hell hath frozen over. PLEASE HELP THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!
This is an abomination. Memphis Grizzlies over the Vols and Titans as favorite Tennessee team? The Liberty Bowl as greatest sports venue in the state??? Someone from Memphis is clearly stacking the deck and multi-voting on this one. (I suspect this guy).

Help right this tragic wrong, all you true Tennessee and Volunteer fans!

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