Wednesday, May 19, 2004

No Imagination

Giuliani: NYC not told about al Qaeda briefing

This is hard to believe:

'Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani told the panel investigating the September 11, 2001, attacks that city officials prepared for everything they could think of in response to terror threats but that they never imagined that planes would be used as missiles."


Giuliani said the city had prepared for bioterrorism threats including anthrax, smallpox and dirty bombs. "We never thought there would be planes used as missiles attacking buildings."'
This shows the lack of creativity on the part of these so-called "preparedness planners." Apparently none of them has ever read a Tom Clancy novel. Or seen Independence Day. Or a single James Bond movie. Or watched The X-Files. Heck, apparently none of them has ever read a Spiderman comic.

Popular media has been dreaming up doomsday scenarios and supervillians and megalomaniacs and counter-terrorist units for years and decades. It's hard to believe that planes-used-as-missles never once emerged as a possible threat to NYC buildings.

Heck, only a couple weeks prior to 9/11, the premiere episode of The Lone Gunman, and X-Files spinoff, concluded with that exact premise - that of a hijacked airliner headed directly into one of the Twin Towers.

Maybe we need Jerry Bruckenheimer and Chris Carter in Homeland Security...

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