Monday, May 03, 2004

The Big Gold Golf Ball

This would be very good news:

Mayor hopes to return spotlight to Sunsphere (Registration Required)

"But as one of the city's most recognized symbols, and with its next-door proximity to the Knoxville Convention Center, Mayor Bill Haslam says he would like to see the attraction reopened and put to use.

City spokeswoman Amy Nolan said the new funding would address the tower's faulty elevators and problems with its heating and air conditioning, as well as the invasion of several birds through its cracking exterior."
There is no mention of a rumor that srange puddles of melted wax keep being found on the outside panels.

If this goes forward, it's a good think for Knoxville. Let's hope we can find the money to get the Sunsphere open again permanantly, and maybe again put a restaurant up in the top.

I went up in the Sunsphere exactly twice, during the World's Fair twenty (gasp!) two years ago. It's time to go again and take my kids, this time.