Monday, May 03, 2004

Cheap Shots

Bad vibes go out to:
  • TDOT - for closing one lane of Pellissippi Parkway, both ways, and only working on one side at once. Since they're apparently only employing one crew, only one side of the parkway can be worked on at a time, rendering the other side uselessly reduced to one lane. They've stripped half of the asphalt off the lane, rendering it unuseable to traffic. The Parkway is now a ParkingLot. Nice job, folks. That's my daily commute, and unless my office moves or I figure out how to work from home, my drive time has doubled both ways. Thanks.

  • Local Media - There was a story over the weekend about some new controversy regarding UT's incoming president, . Seems the local media couldn't wait to start digging up dirt about the guy, and I seem to remember thinking the "dirt" was awfully suspect and reaching. Today, however, I can't find the story on the Sentinel's or WBIR's websites and I can't remember the exact details enough for a good rant. Guess they got the hint that it wasn't that important in the first place...

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