Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Good Lord, It's True

To refresh your memories, here's my blog entry from March 15:

Watch the Skies

The cicadas are returning to East Tennessee.

I showed the picture of them in the newspaper to four-year-old GiggleGirl, and she asked what they did. In addition to making a lot of noise, I told her sometimes the couch-sized bugs swoop down on eagle-sized wings, scoop up little kids and fly away with them.

I don't think she appreciated that very much.
Little did I know....and I tremble to say...

Cicadas Kill - Protect Yourself

"How large are Cicadas? Many of the Cicadas in this year's strain stand over 3 feet tall and weigh over 50 pounds. The largest Cicada to appear in Cincinnati...[caused] several hours of downtown traffic congestion while it searched for food in the form of human children. This giant Cicada was eventually shot by Cincinnati Police who mistook a spot of shiny tree sap on its leg for a gun. "

(Hat tip: Sugarfused, who has the gory photos)

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