Thursday, April 10, 2003

Volunteer Tailgate Party, Vol 1

Welcome to the Inaugaral Edition of the Volunteer Tailgate Party, representing the best of the Rocky Top Brigade. The Rocky Top Brigade is a collection of bloggers with ties to the great state of Tennessee. Representatives from Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis, Johnson City and all over Tennessee as well as points around the United States and even overseas come together to present their opinions on truth, justice, and the search for a good single malt Scotch whiskey for around $20.

The Rocky Top Brigade has a wide spectrum of political views and personal histories - from preachers to web designers to Australians to, well, Glenn. We comment on each other's sites, critique each other's posts, and support each other in time of need. It's Tennessee, we're Volunteers, and we're damn proud of it.

We'll rotate amongst various RTB Brigadiers every other Friday, so keep an eye out for us. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy.

Our first entry is from Mark Longmire at The (Almost) Daily Comment, who has the scoop on an "Intimidating" replacement statue for Saddam Hussein (Thursday's entry), plus discovers Baghdad Bob's new calling (Tuesday's entry). Truly shocking.

Next, Rocky Top Brigade founder South Knox Bubba brings to our attention a neglected art form: Jet Porn. Maybe Baghdad Bob will sell him one...

Rich Hailey of Shots Across the Bow has a smorgasbord of patriotic tributes from across the world, and has obtained a copy of a brand new UN Resolution that offer France and Germany a compromise in how Iraq is rebuilt after the war. Many Shots Across the Bow operatives died bringing back this information about the Emperor's plan for a new Death St---, oh wait, wrong movie. Well, read it anyway.

Pet Blogging! No, it's not what they do during downtime over at the Command Post, it's Jane from The Daily Rant with the cutest collection of critters north of Vonore. And no, Jay's not one of them.

Moving right along, Mason of Blogwash has a complementary story to Mark's - an exclusive interview with Baghdad Bob, aka Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, in which several completely ludicrous and ridiculous claims are made - which are absolutely true. Judge for yourself...

(The Rocky Top Brigade is nothing if not complementary and collaborative.)

SayUncle of, um, well, SayUncle describes A Shift in The Crazy, or how the extreme left is making claims about the right as outrageous as the extreme right did about the left several years ago (Tuesday, April 8, 12:16pm). Plus, in a Very Special Episode of SayUncle, our boy debates vicariously with other bloggers about the role of government as defined by liberals (Tuesday, April 8, 11:56pm) . Caution: direct links may not work - in this case look for posts from the dates and times above.

The lovely and talented Debbie of Sugarfused always brings a touch of class and culture to the RTB with her particularly pleasing postings of poetry, paintings, and pithy comments. Ahem. Anyhoo, she's selling an old trunk or something on Ebay. Go buy it and make her a happy blogger.

Whoops! We have our first update: Debbie's trunk has been sold!. However, now she's offering this.

Finally we bring this opening edition of the Volunteer Tailgate Party to a close with a little whistling in the dark about terrorism (or the lack thereof) from your host, Barry, of the Inn of the Last Home, and offers some friendly support to the anti-war folks by providing links to a number of stories that support their arguments. Also, I'd like to invite you to peruse my whole site - the doors of the Inn are wide open, and Otik's Spiced Potatoes are simmering!

Good night, everyone, and have a very pleasant tomorrow!

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