Wednesday, April 09, 2003


Maybe I'm just whistling in the dark, but here goes...

Judging by the ineptitude of the Iraqi's to adequately defend their country, how in the world did international terrorists like the ones on 9/11 succeed in their plans?

I'm assuming for the sake of argument that the leaders of most Middle Eastern countries have basically the same experience and resources that Saddam has/had. I'm also assuming that ultra-religious groups like Al-Qaeda (who hop from country to country, whoever will take them) operate under roughly the same intelligence level or below.

9/11 took years of planning and financing. 19 suicide terrorists (20 if you count Zacharia Moussawi, and maybe as many as 20 more who may have been on other planes that weren't able to attempt a hijacking of their own planes) received money from Bin Laded, took flight training for years under our noses, planned synchronized airplane takeovers, and succeeded in 3 out of 4 hijackings to our horror. And, worst of all, our complete complacency and lack of security probably helped them as much as any other factor.

So, looking at the Iraqi example, how did they pull it off? And could they muster the courage, resources, and volunteers to pull something like that off again?

I realize at this point I'm sounding bigoted against Arabs or Muslims, but I don't mean to be. I simply am going under a given truth that a) all the 9/11 terrorists, plus Al-Qaeda plus Bin Laden plus Saddam & Sons plus the Iraqis plus the Taliban plus the Saudis plus.... all operate under a similar mindset and mentality.

After viewing the last 3 weeks of general ineptitude in the rules, conventions, strategies and tactics of modern warfare it's hard to believe they were able to successfully plan and execute 9/11.

Look at the US since 9/11. No overt terrorist attacks (unless the Anthrax mailer, mailbox bomber or DC snipers were supported by Al Qaeda, which hasn't been proven to my knowledge). It would be child's play for anyone to car bomb, suicide bomb, etc just about any lightly defended place in the US - but it hasn't happened. No chemical attacks, no bio attacks, no nuke/dirty bomb attacks. Is this really due to a lack of will? Effort? Increased security measures? Divine intervention? Maybe a combination of the four. However, I do thank God nothing else has happened like this so far. Could it? Maybe. Will it? Increasingly less likely, it seems. Again, maybe I'm whistling in the dark.

Was 9/11 a major fluke of Al Qaeda luck while America was asleep at the wheel? Can you really compare the Iraqi regime with the terrorists resources? Look at the renewed fears of terrorism that have surfaced in the months preceding and during the Iraqi war - unrealized. Because of the Orange Alerts? Maybe. The capture of Khalid Shekh Mohammed may have truly nipped any organized terrorist attacks in the bud, but who knows? So far no one has tried even the slightest hint of terrorism here or abroad (not counting the Iraqi suicide drivers).

I hope I'm right. Of course, it's possible that by the time you read this Seattle could be a radioactive slag, but in that case I'll retract everything. Lord protect us.

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