Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Press in the Palestine Hotel

This is ridiculous:

The killer attack journalists never saw coming

"I thought the Iraqis were responsible. Americans would never do that - or so I believed. The crew member who fired the shot should be court-martialled. He's a war criminal."
Should the press who were holed up in the Palestine Hotel have been afforded the same priveliges of restraint that US troops have been giving Iraqi citizens?

Matt (Charlie Sheen) - What's the difference between us and them?
Jed (Patrick Swayze) - We live here!
-- Red Dawn
You chose to be there, fellas, and accepted the risk. The civilians did not. The reporters were warned by the Pentagon several times that the US forces could not guarantee their safety, and they should leave as soon as possible. The reporters did not, or waited until it was too late. There was enemy fire coming from the hotel, where Iraqi fighters believed they would be safe from attack, and the US responded. And some of the reporters paid the price.

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