Monday, April 28, 2003

Freedom of Speech?

Here's a transcript of a great radio interview with Roger Ebert who discusses Michael Moore's Oscar speech, and how society reacts to celebrities speaking their minds.

Then here's a report about how NBC's The Today Show cut Tim Robbins off in the middle of an interview with Matt Lauer, apparently because the brass didn't like his views on, of all things, censorship. It's possible the cutoff was because of their standard practice to go to local news at :25 and :55 after the hour, though.

There's also this clip from You decide.

Conservatives lose, liberals win - liberals lose, conservatives win. Forget the labels, forget the parties, forget the movements, forget the competition. Both sides have good ideas and both sides have bad ones. While it's human nature to align yourself with the side that you agree with most consistently, it's foolish to believe every point of view that side espouses just as it's foolish to disbelieve every principle of the other side. Take them all on a case by case basis, and maybe we will all be a little more open-minded.

(Thanks to Mark Evanier's great News From Me site.)

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