Tuesday, April 08, 2003


Let me tell you about my day.

Morning: wake up, feel a bit better than yesterday - my sinuses now only has a gross tonnage of about 13 metric tons. Oh, yeah, and on the couch after my wife kicked me out of the bed because my coughing was keeping her up.

Mid-morning: Doped up on Coracidin and Aleve for the massive headache my coughs are causing. If I don't maneuver my cough just the right way it feels like a nail gun is driving into the left side of the back of my neck.....!@&%@$&

Afternoon: Better, although the rain and low pressure's not helping. My lungs feel like they're made of steel wool.

Late Afternoon:

Evening: More Coracidin and Aleve - off to Company rehearsal. Was able to rest a bit while people worked on other numbers.

Later Evening: Time to practice 5 minute major production number, "Side by Side by Side". Lots of Bob Fosse type stuff, running out all over the audience, kick line, the works.

Night: Home. Lady. Vols. Lose...Can't...Breathe....Must...resssssssssssssssssssstttttt...............

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