Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Car, My Pal

Remember my car? It's a 2005 Ford Focus (long term readers might recall my run-in with a deer)

I just got an email from the dealer where I bought my car--

--addressed to my car...

Dear Focus:

"Happy Anniversary" from your friends at *Dealership Name*!

I hope you and Barry are getting along well and that Barry is taking good care of you. If you have any bumps and scratches, aches or pains, just come in and see us. We are here to care for you. As always if there is anything I can do, please call me at *Dealership Name* at 865-abc-defg.

I hope you and your owner have an excellent day!

*Manager's Name*
General Manager
I just thought it was nice my car has a friend out there. Maybe we'll invite him for a sleepover in the garage one day.

I don't know, the van might get jealous.

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