Monday, October 23, 2006


Commission shelves Harber probe
Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale said today he was relieved the County Commission chose not to hear the issue of dirty political tricks by former county employee Tyler Harber.

"This whole thing was entirely politically motivated," Ragsdale said after the commission voted to withdraw a resolution on the issue. "We need to move beyond the past and political bickering."
Sometimes I feel really embarrassed to live in Knox County.

Obviously some arms got twisted, futures were threatened and skeletons unburied to make sure this issue doesn't see the light of day for a good while.

Thank goodness we have courageous, upright people representing the citizens of Knox County that stand for the truth.

(And I thought the Knoxville City Council was bad...)

Maybe I'll run for County Mayor. How hard can it be?


WATE is reporting that Commissioner Greg "Lumpy" Lambert --- (pardon me a moment. I always have to pause after saying that guy's nickname to compose myself) --- has requested the motion be withdrawn until a future date when Tyler Harber will supposedly make himself available for deposition.

Well, that's interesting.

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