Sunday, October 10, 2004

We're Back

Well, we're home - visited all four WDW parks in four days, saw two parades, two massive fireworks shows, videotaped part of a bird show from onstage at Animal Kingdom, took BrainyBoy through The Haunted Mansion for his (and my) first time, introduced the kids to several new rides and watched the sparkles in my daughter's eyes as we breakfasted with The Mouse and co. at "Chef Mickey's".

Oh, and we went to Sea World. And I read the final Stephen King "Dark Tower" book, say thankya.

By the way, I'm making an official announcement. I'm changing GiggleGirl's nickname. From thenceforth on, she'll be officially known as "Tink". Because that is exactly her personality, and it fits her better; as a five-year-old, she's grown out of the giggly stage and smack into the attitude stage. So GiggleGirl is Tink is Gigglegirl. Please submit any questions in writing at the end of the tour.

Pictures will be posted when we get them developed.

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