Friday, October 01, 2004

Debate Recap

So being a blogger, is it required that I give my impressions of the debate last night?



I'm with SayUncle on this one: 300,000,000 in this country and these are the two best candidates?

Metropulse described Bush's public persona best, and the debates confirmed it:
I don't like George W. Bush. I don't like his protuberant ears or his simpering smile. I don’t like his maddening malaprops or his thick-tongued declamations...
However his debate points, while thickly presented like he was trying to push them out through a jar of molasses, were correct and mostly accurate, that I could tell.

Kerry actually looked pretty good and displayed more charisma than I remember seeing earlier. But he still has no substance whatsoever, and continues to press an alternative agenda that doesn't exist. He says he would make different choices, and that he has a plan to win the War on Terror but continually refuses to give details.

Truthfully, I could have stood on that podium, recited the same answers word for word as Kerry (except the ones about Vietnam service) and there would have been very little difference in the choices. He can say he'd do things differently, but to convince me to vote for him I need specific details - and what does Kerry do in a debate? He refers to a website for more information. No thanks, that's your job.

We'll see what happens next week at the next debate. Well, you will - I won't. I'll be too busy riding "Pirates of the Caribbean" at Walt Disney World.

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