Friday, May 16, 2008

"Lost" in Thoughts: Unraveled Threads

Last night's "There's No Place Like Home" pt. 1 did a great job of setting things up for the finale. You can tell when everyone goes in slow-motion mode under montage music, chess pieces are being manuevered. Similar to the final of Season 1, with the flashback of everyone getting on the plane together...

It seems there are some threads that are beginning to possibly unravel - here are some questions..

  • What are we to make now of Desmond's visions from last season? He said he saw Charlie die a number of times, averting it successfully each time until the last. All happened as it said it did in the Looking Glass station, from the blinking yellow light to the switch Charlie pulled to him drowning. But the motivating force for Charlie behind Desmond's vision was that of Claire climbing into a helicopter. Now that that idea is looking less and less likely, does that mean his visions are wrong? Or as Steph comments could their actions have shifted things such that it's now Kate or Sun (Two of the Oceanic 6)?

    Apparently some kind of action changed Desmond's visions before - when Naomi landed on the island, Des was sure it was Penny. But it wasn't, and as it turned out Naomi worked for Penny's father, and Penny had nothing to do with the freighter or the extraction team. So looks like his visions can change, depending on circumstances.

    As Yoda said, "Always in motion is the future".

    Speaking of Naomi, why, after all we know now, was she carrying that very familiar picture of Des and Penny together? Where did that plot point end up?

    For a show that has very specifically addressed Desmond's quantum-leaping and future-telling, I hope they explain this to a degree in (sorry) such that these all makes some sense.

  • My list of BuzzKill words - i.e. words that, if mentioned in conjunction with an explanation with all that's been going on, will make even me - the most forgiving of all far-fetched explanations - groan with disbelief:
    • Atlantis
    • aliens
    • black hole
    • Krakatoa (actually, that might be kinda cool - not the disappearance of the Roanoke Colony itself, but whatever the word might mean)
    • Amelia Earheart
    • Bermuda Triangle
    • starchild
    • hybrid
    • Cylon (you never know)
    Can you add any others?

  • (Copied from my answer to Newscoma's question on how the Oceanic Six, currently so spread out around the island, come together to get off the island by themselves)
    I’m thinking Kate and Sayid will be part of the Other’s counterattack on the Orchid. Jack and Sawyer will hook up with Hurley outside the Orchid, who’s waiting to see what happens next after Locke goes inside. After or during the attack, Kate, Sayid, Jack and Hurley will escape and pick up Sun and Aaron, who have gotten off the freighter just before it explodes, and eventually come ashore on whatever island they showed them in the photograph.

  • Am I right and that was Michelle "Ensign Ro" Forbes as the Oceanic spokeswoman at the beginning? If that's so, she's really made the big quadrifecta of my favorite sci-fi/action TV shows. She was, as I said, Ensign/Lt. Ro on "Star Trek: The Next Generation", Lynn Kreske on "24" in the second season, Admiral Cain on the new "Battlestar Galactica" and now on "Lost". Go Michelle!

  • What if there were actually eight people that get off the island, but only six make it back to civlization? What if Daniel and Charlotte are on the last launch from the island, and in the confusion of getting off the freighter rescue Sun and the baby, then pick up the other four. The eight of them could make it to the second island and somehow are killed or die of injuries? Ok, that's a far-fetched example, but it's possible there really are eight that initially escape and two die - and it's not just a lie the O6 tell the press.

  • Didn't the "official" news reports on the finding of the Oceanic 815 wreckage at the bottom of the ocean confirm the corpses of all passengers and crew? Which would mean Widmore & Co. planted a fake Kate, a fake Jack, a fake Hurley, etc? How do they explain away the sudden presence of seven (supposedly Kate was pregnant before the crash) extra people on the plane?

  • more to come....

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