Monday, April 30, 2007

Reaching the Point

This was an exhausting weekend. I spent approximately 5-1/2 hours on Saturday and 7 hours on Sunday working auditions for and casting "Suessical" - my next big production I'm Music Directing. I'll be keeping tabs of that show as time goes on until we open at the end of June. I hope local folks will be make plans to come see it, it's a great show for kids and all fans of Dr. Suess.

In addition to that, The Atomic Horns played Saturday night at a cruise ship-themed fundraiser for Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge and its Foundation. We started playing around 7pm and I finally left about midnight. Again I didn't sleep well that night, with the usual post-gig "wiredness" keeping me awake.

On top of all that, my dad's doing much better. He should be heading home from the hospital today.

At one point yesterday afternoon in the middle of auditions, I almost reached that point of exhaustion. Combine with additional drama at home afterwards as the director and I tried to solve other casting problems over the phone, plus a partial meltdown by Brainyboy....

I slept well last night.

What pleased me about the aftermath of Brainyboy's meltdown is that he came back out and contritely apologized, admitted he had messed up and told us he didn't know how to keep from losing his temper. It was a nice step for him. I had taken away some TV privileges but restored them since I think I saw some growth at that point. What do you think, should I have hung tough and kept the punishment or restored the privileges based on his apology?

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