Saturday, April 14, 2007

Come One Come All

Tonight the Atomic Horns play their first more-or-less open-to-the-public concert...

Atomic Horns
Eagles Lodge
Oak Ridge

(turn left at the Illinois Ave./OR Turnpike intersection, it's just ahead on the right. There's apparently a "FOR SALE" sign in the yard)

I have no idea what cover is (I assume its minimal) but kids under 18 are not allowed.

The Atomic Horns play all styles of music, from funk to rock to soul to polka (ok, no polka - but we'd sure like to). Elvis, Jimmy Buffet, Motown, oldies, Blues Brothers, all over the map. There's something for everyone, and we try to make sure everyone has a good time....

Last night we played for the Oak Ridge Playhouse fundraiser. The event was at the new Flatwater Grill/Inspiration Point in Oak Ridge and the facility/restaurant there is amazing, go have dinner there some night. We were under a tent behind the meeting rooms, and it was cold and drizzly. I have a sore throat this morning, but it isn't affecting my voice thank goodness.

Come on down tonight!

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