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LOST AGAIN (S1E2) Series Re-Watch - Season 1, Episode 2, "Pilot, Pt. 2"


(00:00) Second flashback of the series - it's pretty obvious that Charlie is an addict from the very beginning. What's less obvious is if he's a good guy or bad guy, judging from his appearance.

Charlie breezes by Jack from the previous flashback. Never ceases to amaze me how they got all these flashbacks to intersect.

I know there's a great video out there that shows the plane crash from all angles in real time, but I don't remember it taking this much time in Rose and Jack's flashback as it does in Charlie's before the plane starts to crash.

(04:07) I know part of Shannon's schtick is that she is vain and is deluding herself that rescue is coming. But again, they lay it on really thick as to her vanity and immaturity in the Pilot.

Just a sidenote, but Claire looks much better as a blonde that she does as a brunette in Once Upon a Time.

Sun really appears to hate Jin in the beginning. It's amazing where the two of them end up in their relationship.

It's not obvious from the very beginning that the dog is not a native of the island, but then you see Walt carrying the leash. Then Walt finds the pair of handcuffs that Kate got out of. You think they still be open unless she slipped her hands out while they were closed.

(08:03) Interestingly, Jack's first interaction with Locke was cooperation, but his first with Sawyer is conflict. Also, Sayid's Red herring of an Arab being involved in the plane crash is a sign of the brief time since 9/11 when the show first aired. I'm not sure if it was starting now if people would have the same paranoia. I guess that's a good thing. Kate reacts to the handcuffs - obvious in retrospect but not so much at that time.

Hurley is a peacemaker, a reconciler. Very much defining his character. We also hear Sawyer's first nickname insult, of course directed at Hurley.

Sayid extends his hand for Hurley to shake and his pinky is outstretched. Is that a Middle Eastern custom?  Also, the Republican Guard was a lot fresher in peoples minds in 2004 that it might be now.

Even I thought the cheesecake shot of Kate bathing in her underwear was gratuitous. Not that I'm complaining, mind. Also, knowing Sun speaks English this entire time it is interesting. 

(14:53) I really find Jin's Attitude towards Sun confusing and disturbing early on. We know Jin is a good guy and will ultimately prove himself to be a good person, but even cultural differences don't explain away cruelty and domination. You don't suddenly just become a good guy, you have to be a good guy all along but had trouble showing it. Doing cruel things even because it's part of your culture, makes it difficult to believe you can actually become good.

The polar bear in the comic book was a huge red hearing for a long time. There was much speculation that Walt was causing these things to appear on the island by power of thought. If that was the case why not superheroes as well? Speaking Spanish, of course. But we will see our polar bear very soon.

Shannon's first encounter with Sayid is, of course, very immature. Their being forced together as a couple even to the last episode, is still one of the shows greatest mysteries to this day.

We see Sawyer's first reaction to his letter. I still get a kick out of the fact that he lived in Knoxville Tennessee.

Waltz first encounter with Locke is filled with symbolism and foreshadowing, using the backgammon board to represent good and evil. Echoes from this scene are used throughout the entire series. Jacob and his brother, Locke and Jack, Ben, many other people are shown to have qualities of good and evil.

This is also Locke's first scene with dialogue and of course it's with Walt. Their destinies will coincide many times in the seasons to come.

Jin's Magic see urchin food seems to bring life back to Claire's baby. I don't recall this little scene from before. I don't think anything was made of the food having properties of magic.

Wow, Emilie de Ravin (Claire) looks really young. Of course this is 11 years ago and I've seen her in another recurring role for the past five years.

Claire guesses correctly that her baby is a he. Could it be magic? Could it be ESP? Or could she just have a 50-50 chance?

Sawyer is pretty dang fearless, even with a gun, in the face of a rampaging, white.... Whatever that is. Of course, it's a polar bear, but it's huge.

How did Boone know there was a pilot to be killed? I guess they shared the full story off camera. I think I recall that being a continuity error caused by a scene that was cut.

(27:36) Hurley as comic relief comes early and often.

Finding out that Kate is actually the prisoner in the man with the shrapnel is the US marshal is one of the small mysteries that sometimes get solved fairly quickly. The show does a good job wrapping the small mysteries inside the medium sized mysteries, inside the large mysteries. With a few exceptions, each mystery pays off just about what it should.

Off, I remember now that Kate remove the handcuffs on the plane so she can put the oxygen mask on. Two things: first, even though she's in custody we see she's not all bad because she saves the Air Marshall's life by putting his mask on. She didn't have to do that. Second, I'm not certain if she took the cuffs off both her hands completely. That still doesn't explain how they ended up in the jungle, re-closed.

Rousseaus's message is not given by the actress that plays her later on, I don't believe.

Knowing all that we know now, it's hard to build up any sense of real mystery, but at the end of the second episode we may have come to the point where there is no greater sense of that question of where are we...

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