Wednesday, July 08, 2015

LOST AGAIN (S1E10) Series Re-Watch - Season 1, Episode 10, "Raised By Another"

DAY 15-16

This week's eye-opening opening is Claire in a dream. There's some interesting foreshadowing of Locke with jet black eyes. The smoke monster will consume him eventually.

Claire's psychic warns that she must be the one to raise the baby, and it must not be raised by anyone else. And that danger surrounds the baby. Of course Kate is the one to raise the baby, until he's three years old. Claire is left behind on the island by herself for three years. Little Aaron seem to turn out OK. The psychic's prediction, while certainly there was danger surrounding the baby, really turned out to not be true in the specific.

Clara mentions her dad when talking to the prospective adoptive parents in her flashback. It seems like a throwaway line, but she's referring to Christian Shepherd. Sometimes these little facts just jump out at you when you least expect them.

This is the first of the flashbacks that the characters explicitly refer to in present time. Claire tells Charlie about the psychic they discuss whether he was accurate or not. It's also the first flashback to have a semi-direct connection to the show's mythology, at least it seemed to at the time.

I think they missed an opportunity when they didn't introduce Ethan earlier in the season. We saw a glimpse of him last episode, And some dialogue with him earlier in this episode. It would've been fun if they've made you think he was a semi regular, like Rose.

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