Friday, February 01, 2008

Where's Michael?

No, not this Michael. this Michael.

Harold Perrineau's name was in the opening credits of the season premiere of "Lost" last night, but as far as I could tell was nowhere to be seen in the entire episode. Was a scene with him filmed and cut? Saved for a later episode? Or was he there and we just didn't see him?

  • And that was totally You Know Who sitting in Jacob's chair in the Haunted Cabin. ;)

  • Speaking of the Haunted Cabin, One-eyed guy peeking out at Hurley (and scaring my wife to death)? Mikhail. I need to go back and check his eye color, but I bet that's who it is. The guy in the window had (a) brown eye, and I think it's significant they only showed the left one since Mikhail's right eye is gone. I don't think it was Michael (see above) because the skin tone was too light.

  • Did anyone think, right after Charlie disappeared from talking to Hurley, the woman sitting at the table in the background with the blond hair could have been Libby? Ok, just me.

  • Who is Naomi's sister? Right before she died (again) she told George on the sat phone to "tell her sister she loved her" (Unnngggggh!! *thump*). Who's her sister? Is she significant? I thought at first it could be be Penny (obviously not blood-related), but when Charlie told Penny that Naomi had parachuted to the island, Penny said, "Who's Naomi?" instead of even a momentary recognition of the name. And Desmond would've probably known her, or known of her from before. Maybe Naomi's not her real name, but George knows who she and Penny really are? I can see a plotline develop there.

    I suppose it could also be Nadia, Sayid's erstwhile girlfriend. I don't know if Naomi is Iraqi (I'm assuming Nadia is) but she's the closest match ethnically we've seen on the show that I can think of.
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