Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I haven't posted much lately because I've been completely consumed with Music Directing "The King & I" at the Oak Ridge Playhouse. Last year I chronicled my experiences as MD of "Annie" here with my Diary of a Musical Director series and wanted to continue this time but there just hasn't been nearly as much of interest to comment on.

That, the funeral, and the fact the elections last week dominated the blogosphere so completely has lessened my enthusiasm and energy somewhat for a lot of things.

My interest has also waned on writing my NaNoWriMo story, "Secret Identity". I've posted six chapters so far online and invited commentary, criticism, etc. but have yet to hear from anyone. I have no burning need to write to exorcise my own personal demons so I thought I could rely on some external support and feedback but since there hasn't been any I can't get a real need to continue. If any of you are reading and interested in where the story goes I will try and keep going but please let me know.

I know that's no reason to write, just like it's no reason to blog - to expect feedback. Well, at least I hear people say that. I have to have the commentary back and forth to keep the creative posting going. I can't simply pour my life out in individual posts throughout the day, attempting to make sense of it all in my head - nobody cares that I ate a half a bag of chips and some crackers last night for supper, nor that I couldn't get to sleep until about 3am because of all my personal mental gremlins that won't release me when I go to bed. Does that interest anyone? No, probably not.

Ok, enough running off at the blog. That's where I stand at the moment. Good picture of Tink coming up later this week as she starts her theatrical career as a Royal Child to the King.

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