Sunday, November 05, 2006

I've Had It With...

...the incessant, unsolicited and unwelcome telephone calls from supporters of Harold Ford, Jr and Bob Corker - mostly Harold Ford, Jr. - using a recording to remind me to vote, and remember what their candidate has done for his constituents, and what values they pretend to adhere to, etc. etc. etc. Not a day has gone by in the last two weeks or so when Caller ID shows a (615) 000-0000 number, or others similar to it as faithful followers pound the computer keys and send out the recorded messages over the phone lines.

I know that non-profit companies are somewhat exempt from No-Call Lists, but I think allowing political advertising over the phone to be exempt as well is a Bad Idea. And it should be prohibited. Not just because I don't believe your messages, don't trust your sincerity, or don't really think either one of you will be particularly good for me, Tennessee, or the United States serving in the U.S. Senate (not that either one could be much slimier than Bill Frist or Fred Thompson). I just don't think you should be forcing your message into my home by a seemingly innocent phone call. Luckily I have Caller ID so some calls can be screened (thank you, Knology) but sometimes I'm not near the TV and my answering machine has been filling up with recorded nonsensical babble from two would-be politicians who don't believe in what they're professing and only serve their own interests and the interests of their Political Parties. And I don't want a part of it.

So stop, please.

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