Thursday, October 13, 2005

Life's a Beach...

...only it's overcast and slightly drizzly.

Well, somewhat. Actually it was nice and warm, although not a lot of sun. Well, enough to give my chest a nice crimson glow...

Just got back last night from Myrtle Beach, where the Innfolks and I have been wintering the past several days. Actually, only half of us are back - Laura and Tink are still there, womping and fwolicking in the water. They'll be back on Saturday, while BrainyBoy and I drove back last night.

Ok, I did all the driving. Well, most of it. Ok, all. Seven hours worth from Myrtle back the Knoxville.

Being in fourth grade means more homework, more responsibilities - plus I start rehearsals for "Annie" tonight (music only) so we had to come back early.

Myrtle Beach in October is not what I'd call...high summer. It was still feeing the effects of the Tropical Storm Tammy, who slouched through the previous week. A little grey, a little wet, occasionally sunny but still fairly warm. Not too bad, but we did get some great pictures that I'll post when we get them back.

BrainyBoy's thirst for science continues unfettered, and I hang on for the ride. On Monday we visited Alligator Adventure, which contained - I kid you not - 1,200 alligators. Not to mention these, these, these, and these. And, oh yes, UTAN, the largest croc in captivity.

Later that evening we went to this place: MagiQuest, a very cool interactive magical playground/activity area that was great for kids and adults who never grew up (me). Apparently the only one is in Myrtle Beach - anyone wishing to establish a franchise in Gatlinburg, please contact me because I want to invest. It's that cool. I may do a separate blog post about it, because it was so detailed it's impossible to summarize.

So here we are, two days sans wife and daughter/mom and sister. What will we do?

Same thing we did last night - scrounge for food, since the pizza I'd expected to heat up for dinner was rock hard and I ended up giving BB a frozen kids meal. I think I had a bag of popcorn, cause it was like, 10:00 by the time I got to eat last night.

Well, here's to the rest of the week. Cheers.

Oh, did UT win last week? I think I'm out of it...

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