Tuesday, December 30, 2003

What I've Learned

What have I learned in exactly 37 years of life? I've learned...
  • The final chord of the Beatles' "A Day in the Life" is a thing of beauty.

  • Star Trek and Star Wars are fun, but they're not that fun.

  • Remember your friends and cherish their memories. Keep in touch with them if possible, but remember there's more to old friends than reminiscences.

  • Pride is the cause of 99% of the world's problems. People who are too proud - including me - to admit to themselves that they might be wrong. Too proud to make a change in their lives because it might diminish themselves in their own eyes. Too proud to say, "I'm sorry - my fault". Too proud to consider both sides of an argument. Too proud to be open-minded about facts. Too proud to lose face. Too proud to be thought less of. Too proud to risk embarrassment. Too proud to give in to the truth. Too proud to risk rejection. Too proud to look beyond the surface.

  • The power to make someone laugh - truly laugh - is a great power indeed. To cause someone to laugh gives you a greater power than to make them cry.

  • Corollary: Comedy is 90% timing, 10% material, and 10% irony.

  • On the web, content is king.

  • If the only way to kill the vampire Strahd guarding the gates of Ravenloft is to roll a critical hit with a natural 20 - you'll definitely roll a 4.

  • Nobody is 100% right, and nobody is 100% wrong.

  • There is no crime so heinous as one that harms a child. But harm can be invisible: neglect, ridicule, indifference and overindulgence can be as damaging as other forms of abuse

  • If you know what you need, and you see what you want better see that you keep what you have....

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