Monday, December 15, 2003

Close Call

Zeyad of Healing Iraq talks about the immediate aftermath of Saddam's capture:

". I stumbled to my grandmother's house where everyone was huddled in front of the tv watching Al-Jazeera. The news were still uncomfirmed, so we waited impatiently for Bremer's press conference. When he announced "We got him" everyone in the room cheered out loud. The following video of Saddam in his long hair and beard was a shock to us all. My grandmother burst in tears.


In the evening, I went out to fond armed teenagers filling our street carrying Saddam's pictures.....Some of the mob were dressed in Fedayeen clothes with grenades and explosives in their hands. I got foolish and tried to take photographs. They dragged me in their midst and I thought this was it."
Read the whole thing for some first-hand reports of life in Baghdad.

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