Friday, February 20, 2009

Top 10 Rejected Contents of Locke's Note to Jack

Top 10 Rejected Contents of Locke's Suicide Note

10. "Having a Good Time, Wish You Were Here"

9. "It's a Cookbook!"

8. "Dear Jack,

Do you Like Me?
Check YES or NO

xxxooo "

7. "Jack - for my Tombstone:

Here Lies Locke
A Man of Faith
How I Wish
I'd Died When My Father Pushed Me Out A Window Instead of Just Breaking My Back Cause Then I Wouldn't Have Had to Ever Meet Any of YOU!!"

6. "I'm thinking of putting up a chandelier, can you pick me up some extra light bulbs? I need to test the strength of this beam first..."

5. "If you run into Ben after I'm gone, do me a favor: buy an old ship's steering wheel, wrap it around his neck and push him out a window? Thanks."

4. "Please tell Sun that Jin is dead. Wait, no, that he's alive! No, just tell her he's dead. No, on second thought tell her he's alive. No...oh... never mind."

3. "The Times, They Are A-Changin..."

2. "The Dharma Initiative is...PEOPLE!!!"

And the #1 Rejected Contents of Locke's Note to Jack

1. "Jack...I am your father."

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