Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Thoughts

I know I don't update the blog nearly like I used to. Part of it is Twitter, where some of my brief thoughts and opinions now end up that I used to post here. Another part is lack of current events that I either a) understand enough to blog about, or b) care enough to blog about. Or c) want to keep good relations with online friends and relatives so I keep quiet about certain topics. Regardless, I hope to get back on the ball, soon. Here are a few thoughts I've had lately.

UT Football
  • It was very, very much Arian Foster's fault for the fumbled exchange Saturday. When one runs, it's natural to pump the arms up and down. Foster took a step, pumped the right arm up and the left one down. He took another step, started to bring the right one down and the left one up, in which to form the "basket" to receive the handoff. At the last millisecond, he changed his mind, stopped his right arm from descending and lifted it up again to put it on top and the left on the bottom. Unfortunately he chose too late and in the midst of moving the right arm back up, hit the ball in mid-handoff, knocking it out of Crompton's hand before he was ready. Now, was the handoff too early? Was Foster not expecting it so soon? Should Crompton have held on to the ball tighter? Those are questions only the coaching staff would know, who designed the plays and coach them. And they're the ones also saying it's Foster's fault. So why think different? Oh yeah... Crompton = scapegoat. Sorry.

  • Is our defense an average defense with flashes of greatness (Lowest rushing and passing yards for Tebow ever, only 6 points given up to Auburn and held them practically motionless in the 4th quarter, 6 INT's)? Or are they a good defense with flashes of mediocrity (Bad, bad tackling on D and special teams, made average QB and receivers at UCLA look like All-Pros, missing assignments)? I think the former.

  • Dave Clawson's "new" offense still hasn't had the time or personnel to run correctly. But the time is running out.

  • Fans should never, ever, ever boo. Ever. Never. None. Too boo is classless, regardless who you're booing (ok, if you boo a ref for a bad call, that's different). But to boo a college player who could be taking classes with your son or daughter... no sir. I don't care if you pay $500/ticket to see UT play, you have no right to boo. Paying money for a ticket entitles you to see a football game, period, end of sentence. It does not entitle you to a good football game, or even a mediocre one. It gets you in the gates to watch A game, and if you don't like what happens on the field, that's your own gamble you've lost. Unless you have to Pay Per View you can always stay at home and watch the game, and boo to your heart's content. Don't ever confuse purchase of a ticket with assured quality performance. It differs in this respect from purchasing a ticket to a play or a concert - you assume a promise of some kind of quality based on the performers' talent and skill. But, unlike a sporting event, there is no random element of other performers working to keep them from achieving greatness. So live with your choices, and if you don't like the product don't buy the ticket. But don't boo.

    More Later...

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