Monday, August 25, 2008

Media Fail

Friday morning on NewsTalk 100's Hallerin Hill Show this past Thursday, Hal interviewed the widow of the vice-principal who was shot in Cumberland County last year. It was an emotional interview in light of the Central High shooting that had happened the day before.

The interview concluded, Hal went to commercial.

The sponsor?

Frontier Firearms.

And the kicker?

They did it again later that afternoon.

Listen, I don't care that they are a sponsor for the station. They're a legit business, buying legit advertisement on a local radio station. But WNOX should at least have the forethought to know when their ads are running on a local political/news-based talk show and ensure things like this shouldn't happen. And if they don't have the ability to know exactly when the ads are running, they should figure out a way to be able to.

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