Tuesday, December 11, 2007

You Can Now Call Me Captain Dunsel

Captain's log, stardate 4729.4. The M-5 computer has been installed onboard ship, and we have left the space station for test maneuvers.
Looks like I've been replaced by a computer. Or should I say third party website design company.

To all extents and purposes, my function now is basically to upload stuff and make changes after the fact.

Glad I could help.
Commodore Wesley: "Our compliments to the M5 unit, and regards to Captain Dunsel; Wesley out."
McCoy: "Dunsel? Who the blazes is Captain Dunsel?" (Kirk stiffens and walks toward the turbolift) "What does it mean, Jim?" (to Spock) "What does it mean?"
Spock: "A dunsel, doctor, is a midshipman's term used at Starfleet Academy; it refers to a part that serves no useful purpose."
Fire up the M-5, Dr. Daystrom.

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