Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Grocery Store Harrassment

Jay at Classless Warfare is haranguing Publix Grocery Stores over their treatment of his father-in-law due to an unfortunate but accidental shoplifting incident.

Apparently his FIL slipped a tube of Chap-Stik into his shirtpocket to hold it there for a moment and forgot to pay for it on his way out. Security saw the incident and detained him.

It looks like the Publix management and security guards went way over the line in relation to the crime(?). A simple explanation and apology were not enough, and he was tossed out. Now he's being humiliated and told to pay a hefty fine (not by the police, by the store).

Read the whole thing. (And the UPDATE).

But remember this: if you are in an area with a Publix, don't boycott it. Don't harrass the employees or the management. There's simply no point. If you feel the situation warrants it, fire off a letter to the corporate management or the local press. But don't punish rank-and-file employees and management over circumstances they have no control over. That's foolish.

His FIL was likely taken advantage of for no good reason. You'd be doing the same thing to the employees.

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