Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Just Saying...

Scott Ritter, former UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq, spoke at the University of Tennessee yesterday. Sounds like it was quite a rah-rah-fest.

But what the Knoxville News Sentinel failed to mention, and the University seemed to disregard, are these recent, er, questions regarding Mr. Ritter's character (hint: they have nothing to do with Iraq):

Report: Former U.N. Inspector Scott Ritter Arrested in Internet Sex Sting (

Source: Feds look for case against Ritter (

Ritter case has ripple effect (

It seems that someone leaked the sealed court documents to the media in January regarding this case. Apparently to discredit Ritter as his anti-war stances were growing louder and louder. Apparently it didn't work (illegal as it was). Who smeared Scott Ritter? (

Regardless of whether it was leaked, or if it was all just allegation, solicitation of minors is a horrible offense and should not be taken lightly.

PS. One Ritter quote from last night at UT:

"If we go to war with Iraq today, then we are no better than the Nazis when they invaded Poland in 1939," Ritter said in the University Center auditorium...
Words fail me. Interview some Iraqi civilians a few months after the war is over, and compare their stories to Polish civilians in 1940 and see if that's still a true statement.


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